Xmas Murder '74
The debut release from DC to Daylight

Track Listing
1. Just a joke (3:48)
2. Like a man (2:30) - includes video
3. I hate everybody (4:05)
4. Intermission (0:08)
5. My way to hell (3:51) - includes video
6. Brand new satellite (4:43)

"Compelling doesn't even begin to tell the story."

-- Aiding & Abetting (Durham, NC)

"DC to Daylight remain entertaining at almost every turn. Smarts, personality and just enough edge to stand out. Xmas Murder '74 is appealing because of its yin-yang mix of peppy upbeat pop and edgy hard-driven rock. They were made for summer fun."
Splendid Zine (Dowers Grove, IL)

"Pure garage and college-rock cool. Irresistible."
Silicon Valley Metro (San Jose, CA)

"There have been many bands to have an edgy sound since The Pixies, Nirvana and early Weezer, but few that possessed really noteworthy songwriting skills. They have the songs and the sound. They are the real thing."
Wake-Zine (Thousand Oaks, CA)

"Instantly enjoyable. It would grace anybodies collection. I recommend you buy it now."
Sounds XP (UK)

"DC to Daylight is the new indie rock band on the block and they are not f*cking around. Musical bliss."
Beautiful/Decay (Folsom, CA)

"4.5 stars out of 5. Instantly likeable. It just grooves. Raw and Cool!"
Band Radio (Rocklin, CA)

Indy Rock Ideal, Spain

"Incredibly fresh…I immediately wanted to invite all of my friends over and dance around the room."
Whiskey-Soda, Germany

"Channeling Kurt and doing it well!"
ZED CBC TV, Canada

"Xmas Murder ’74 is smart, catchy, and simply great."
Plug-In Music (Elwyn, PA)

"Like a magic carpet ride"
Performer Magazine (San Francisco, CA)

"Look out for DC2D. They are an easygoing bunch with an ability to make an ordinary college DJ look like a genius."
Jim McCabe, WRKC DJ

"A definite 5 star (out of 5) listen!"
Get Underground (Hollywood, CA)

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